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Latest News About Fashion & Style
16 Mar 2018 09:30
Have you been searching 100% natural material for yourself or for your baby? Are you in search of a material good to wear both in winters and summers? When seeking a way to carry a comfortable clothing in all season, you would find bamboo clothing among all.
16 Mar 2018 08:07
Denim garments have been with us for more than a century. And while there are many who prefer things "pure", this type of fabric lets a lot of room for experimentation. This is why nowadays we enjoy such variety and so many "crazy experiments". Things look pretty interesting in 2018 and the following styles represent the biggest male denim trends for 2018.
15 Mar 2018 11:13
There was an era when an umbrella was luxury because it was an expensive fashion item. In those days, if you cannot purchase this well designed item, you can end up with an archaic black stick type. These days, we have seen astonishing designers of this product, thanks to umbrella factory.
15 Mar 2018 11:13
The season of the umbrella is when the sky is always gloomy and releases torrents of rain. It is mostly this season that an umbrella factory can make enough money for itself. Traveling to temperate regions often requires that you get this item. Do you know how to select the right product on the market?
15 Mar 2018 08:30
As one of the most common outdoor or work outfit type for men, cargo pants are characterized with quick-drying durable fabric and multiple-pocket design in the market for a long history. So they are namely a kind of very functional menswear in the men's wardrobe. Most of the cargo pants show a loose and casual feel for the men easily with street style flavor. And they are so versatile that can be a perfect match for nearly any men's top types. You can pair them with T-shirts in summer or long-sleeve plaid shirts in spring and autumn. And even a jacket or coat in winter! I think that's why these vigorous designs keep conquering the fashion circle. In this post, there will be some recommendations about what tops and shoes should the men choose to pair with their men's cargo pants.
14 Mar 2018 09:32
Grace is like a gift to women, and maxi dresses are so important for us to maintain it. A maxi dress has been very popular in the fashion field since it always highlights our style in a better way. That means it keeps emphasizing the combination of being fashionable, elegant and comfortable. In this post, I want to reveal the most useful tips to wear this kind of dress to you, which are supposed to increase your charms and add some creative flavor to your looks.
14 Mar 2018 09:27
Gladiator boots are some of the most iconic and fashionable shoes for the ladies. They come in different makes and designs. This makes them an all-time wear that is, they can be worn on official occasions when accompanied with a nice classic dress, and they can also be casual sexy fun time outfit. They are a great piece of footwear that gives an outstanding appearance mostly when worn with a short miniskirt. In this article, we look at ways of keeping that glamour on and what you should avoid in order to bring out that perfect look.
14 Mar 2018 09:26
Fossil is in itself a fashion and lifestyle brand whose watches are naturally updated and also fit for the modern stylish men and women. Read this content and I am sure you will surely get benefitted from the information provided about the Fossil watches. You will be able to choose one of them and keep it on your wrist for highlighting your dashing attitude.
13 Mar 2018 09:52
Cosplay is a word that has been coined from the words costume and role play. This is where various superhero signature costumes are used by their adept fans to glorify them and embrace their character into their own. This is common during different occasions like Halloween and dress-up parties whereby each person is supposed to dress like one of their favorite comic characters. There are so many of these superheroes and superheroines such as X-Men and Batgirl.
13 Mar 2018 07:57
We are so concerned about our footwear. Aren't we? We choose the best company available. We choose amongst the best products available in the market. We choose the most stylish footwear to purchase. But what we forget to consider is the most important thing for buying footwear. It is the comfort. Many brands boast of giving comfort, but the reality is not hidden. Comfort becomes priority to those people who are in jobs related to too much of standing. For example, teachers, salesperson, traffic police, delivery boys, construction workers, sports persons, etc. All-time standing shoes are a boon for all those people and the benefits of this footwear are explained below.
9 Mar 2018 15:43
Find out why summer sandals for men are just about to get trendy again. Pool sliders are back, and they are back with a vengeance!
9 Mar 2018 11:16
Sarees are an all-time favorite for most people. Indian festivals and ceremonies are always occasions to wear a saree and will be incomplete without one. Saree spells grace, elegance and feminity- a rare combination for any outfit.
8 Mar 2018 20:52
Aside from adding convenience in the cold season, layering is one of the most important things as far as men's fashion is concerned. Layering includes a new aspect in an outfit in addition to make a boring outfit much more stylish and fashionable. In this style guide, you will learn how to layer your clothing like a professional.
8 Mar 2018 09:28
Wallets are one of the basic accessories men and women can't go without. They house your various degrees of essentials, cash, coins, cards and other portable things. Due to their handy size, they are the most opted accessories by the minimalist personalities as well.
7 Mar 2018 09:47
Known for its "Avant-Garde" watches, the Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer does not compromise on the level of their timepieces. They are among the watch producers whose pieces are made taking inspiration from the engineering process of racing cars.
6 Mar 2018 09:40
The wallet is one of the most desired accessories of men who always like to play it cool. There are many varieties of wallets being introduced to this segment so far one more add-on has been made to the modern men's wallet category and that is a slim wallet. It is trending in the market and is famous for its simplicity, design, and comfort.
1 Mar 2018 09:11
History of Coach Leather and what made them famous. How Coach Handbags have remained in the top 10 favorites. Coach as an American icon for almost a century. Coach Glove Tanned Leather and what makes it special.
28 Feb 2018 11:05
Get a cool look wearing this off-shoulder & cold-shoulder with perfect ease & elegance. These outfits can heighten your style quotient to several notches above the ordinary. But if not carried properly, these can ruin your entire day too. So be cautious and flaunt your style to the fullest!!
28 Feb 2018 10:19
If you're not wearing arm protectors during certain activities, there's a good chance you're experience unnecessary pain or discomfort on a regular basis. The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way.
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