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Latest News About Fashion & Style
23 Feb 2018 09:34
A new star in the watch arena, though having more than 120 years of experience and also a part of Victorinox, Wenger is a Swiss watchmaker that never stops experimenting with their techniques. This is one of the reasons that make their men's models so much liked.
23 Feb 2018 09:18
Stainless Steel Bracelets are stronger than the conventional jewelry items made of gold, silver or platinum. The items are very much cost-effective and can retain their shape even in the most hostile conditions.
23 Feb 2018 09:17
As the value of utility and quality of natural fur is more than a synthetic fur, therefore, the price of the faux hat will be relatively lower! So, do not let the price fool you in any way.
23 Feb 2018 08:57
The Lambskin leather products are animal-friendly. The creation and manufacturing of leather products do not harm any animals during the process. Be it a leather closet or a leather jacket; Lambskin leather will not harm any animal.
23 Feb 2018 08:57
Along with the increase in options, people have immense variety at their disposal. You need to decide the best out of the available options.
22 Feb 2018 10:57
Early Western travelers, traveling whether to Persia, Turkey, India, or China, would frequently remark on the absence of change in fashion in the respective places. The Japanese Shogun's secretary bragged (not completely accurately) to a Spanish visitor in 1609 that Japanese clothing had not changed in over a thousand years.
20 Feb 2018 08:18
The best water shoes have seen a significant increase in popularity in recent times because they have become more practical and less unsightly. They are also extremely effective at protecting the feet against hard or sharp surfaces, great for slip protection, easily drain and lightweight.
20 Feb 2018 07:53
Wool fabrics are woven cloths made using long staple wool yarn or short staple wool yarns. Wool is basically that fiber that grows on bodies of animals like camel, goat, sheep and even rabbit. Wool is the full fleece of the hairs and sheep fleece tends to be the most popular when it comes to fabrics. Still on sheep wool, merino wool fabrics are most popular in the textile industry. Each type of fleece differs in properties and qualities but you really can never go wrong with woolen fabrics.
19 Feb 2018 08:55
One of the best Swiss luxury watch brand, TAG Heuer manufactures timepieces that are designed taking motivation from the engineering process of racing cars. This watch brand gives its huge fan base always a surprise by bringing out something new.
16 Feb 2018 14:42
There are some fascinating facts that we never knew about shoes and we keep on thinking that we have a range and variety of shoes so we know everything about the same. Heels were first worn by men because they had to ride horses where they required heels to stay in their stirrups such as in the case of cowboys as well.
16 Feb 2018 09:35
Pearls have fascinated man since the most ancient of times - long before science and marine biology could explain their origin. As a result, there are many tales and wonderful myths and legends about pearls, all of which contribute to the meaning of pearls today.
16 Feb 2018 09:35
It couldn't be more fitting to a fairly new technology in freshwater pearl farming: Edison Pearls. These unusual beauties come in all sorts of colors: pink, bronze, peach, gold, champagne and... purple. Or in Pantone world, UltraViolet.
16 Feb 2018 09:08
Are you opting for the piece of cloth, which is going to make you look absolutely slim? Then kanjivaram can be your perfect option.
15 Feb 2018 10:23
By contemporary design or apparel we mean anything that is present day and object free. Indian contemporary wear has made some amazing progress. There are easygoing short salwar kameez to tunic and kurtis to look over.
15 Feb 2018 09:35
Winter is not just about layering up with cozy sweaters and a cute matching beanie, especially when you have those gorgeous curves to flaunt. Laced Bodysuits, cropped hoodies, curve outfits or studded denim; winter fashion for curvy girls can be so hot and happening. From finding the right skirts for women to creating a new winter fashion statement, this is all about big thick girl
13 Feb 2018 10:06
Women all over the world tend to own more pairs of shoes than their men counterparts. This is because women always keep up with the fashion trends. These changes are brought about by seasonal changes, timing and most of the trendsetters. The changes do not only affect the shoes but to other accessories such as clothes and dressing style. The one line of the women shoe that has however been on the fashion for long is the boot, the thigh-high boot.
13 Feb 2018 10:05
We all love and admire superheroes and many have gone as far as wearing their costumes on occasions such as Halloween and Costume play parties. Across the world, the popularity of these costumes has risen that we have both costumes for kids and adults of all genders and body sizes.
12 Feb 2018 15:48
The Summer is nearly upon us once again, so what you will the best-dressed men be wearing this season? Find out here what's trending in men's fashion for the spring and summer season of 2018.
12 Feb 2018 09:16
Keeping in mind the trending fashion, Calvin Klein makes watches for both the genders. This brand is one of the leading fashion and lifestyle accessories producers. It emphasizes the style factor so that people get to wear timepieces which can keep them in the limelight.
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