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Latest News About Fashion & Style
19 Sep 2017 21:58
Before girls are going for a date, they often spend much time deciding what to wear. First date, movie date, dinner date etc. They are so nervous sometimes. This article is going to give some dressing tips for them to make a perfect date!
18 Sep 2017 09:31
Tissot watches have rich tradition behind it. Their watches are mixture of its unmatched background and also contemporary style. This content presents some eye-catching Tissot watches that can make the wearers feel special.
18 Sep 2017 09:00
Diwali gives us a chance to dress in traditional silhouettes and make heads turn wherever we step into. I have a simple long kesari kurti in chiffon fabric with karshmiri embroidery, which I plan to wear for this Diwali with matching leggings. If you are still wondering what to wear for this Diwali, here are six super stylish Diwali outfit ideas that can make you look fashionable and yet beautiful for the festival
18 Sep 2017 09:00
The festival of lights - Diwali, perhaps the biggest festival that is celebrated in India is fast approaching. Noisy celebrations, colorful attire and sumptuous meals are just some of the things that accompany this festival celebrated by millions all over the globe. As far as Diwali fashion is concerned a lot of people are quite daunted by the task of looking out for an appropriate festive look that is apt for the occasion. However, dressing up in Indian ethnic attire for Diwali isn't as strenuous a task as a lot of people think or make it out to be.
18 Sep 2017 09:00
With Diwali fast approaching, everybody is desperately looking to get their hands on the best festive styles they can get their hands on, so that they can be the best dressed at their local festivities. For all those who are unacquainted with Indian ethnic fashion and have little to no idea on what makes for an appropriate festive look, you might want to continue reading below for some tips and tricks on how to maximize your style to the max.
14 Sep 2017 09:54
Finding the right accessories or clothes to match is an art of its own. If you do not want to look like a clown, you must carefully match styles and sizes. And when it comes to straight jeans, things may get a bit complicated than it seems. Yes, it is the most common style of jeans, but even so, it may pose some restrictions. Find out more about what to wear with this type of jeans.
14 Sep 2017 08:15
A well-organized footwear plan makes it possible to stock your closet with a pair of shoes to cover all bases fashion-wise. From the go-anywhere ankle boots to the statement shoes, there are endless opportunities to wear in times of chilling out or dressing up.
13 Sep 2017 21:59
Dressing has always been a challenge for many people. We all have different body types and sometimes it is hard to find the dress that is most suitable for us. We all want to look flattering in a dress.
11 Sep 2017 16:19
Saving money is important to many people. As someone who appreciates great fashion and yet has to work with the money you have available, you may run into an issue on a regular basis. You want to buy designer clothing, but you only have money to buy at a lower level of quality and style.
11 Sep 2017 09:01
Rose gold is a colour that makes a watch more attractive to the wearers. Michael Kors is one of the trending watch brands that are gaining popularity among people due to their versatility and gorgeousness. From this content, you will be able to glance some stylish rose golden Michael Kors watches.
6 Sep 2017 21:51
Are you a Belieber? Die hard fans have different ways of showing it, and one of them is by dressing like their celebrity. For Justin Bieber, the hoodie is one of his fashion styles and Beliebers all over the world are rocking in them. Order yours and feel like a true fan.
6 Sep 2017 15:49
One of the first things to consider for the first time wearer of a wig is to decide on the synthetic or human hair wig. Both of these wig types have their own positive and negative points.
6 Sep 2017 08:25
Very few things epitomize and induce the feeling of spring as much as floral prints do. Floral prints are a timeless trend that evoke the feeling of lush colors, warm temperatures and sunshine.
6 Sep 2017 08:24
Front slits along with side slits are one of the biggest trends to have graced the Indian ethnic fashion scene over the past few years. One can observe these trends everywhere right from the workplace to casual wear as well as more formal events such as weddings and parties too. Front slit styles are one of the very few 90's trends to make a comeback into the Indian ethnic fashion scene.
6 Sep 2017 08:22
A cape to the unacquainted can be described as a sleeveless piece of cloth typically worn at the neck and allowed to droop down to the shoulders. Although not a new trend, cape styles have seen quite a resurgence in recent years.
5 Sep 2017 09:49
Many are well acquainted with sunglasses that are labeled as "polarized." However, if you want to know what these lenses are then you should be aware that these lenses come with a unique film of chemicals. This film on the lens helps in glare reduction.
5 Sep 2017 09:49
Dressing up in style does not quite cut it these days when a woman needs to differentiate and stand out from the crowd. A smart dress needs smart accessories to complete the ensemble so it is not unusual for a woman of style to complement her dress with matching shoes, handbag, jewelry, sunglasses, and headwear.
5 Sep 2017 09:22
Women are fond of watches that are not only precise but also that makes them delighted. Omega is reminiscent to that of quality and performance, so their women's timepieces are also at par with the latest trends. This content presents some Omega watches that are crafted for the joyous and fascinating women.
1 Sep 2017 10:16
If you though that your mom's jeans were cool only back in the 80's, we are here to tell you that you are totally wrong. Mom jeans are making a spectacular comeback and you should keep a close eye to fashion trends, since it is likely that they will remain a familiar presence for quite a long time.
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