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Latest News About Fashion & Style
23 Jan 2018 09:50
With women on their way to dominating the business world just as much as men, it is high-time their smartness is reflected in their attire. A corporate professional woman needs to exude her grace, skills, and sharpness in her attire.
23 Jan 2018 09:49
Going out for a date or for any official meeting with clients? Ready with a designer suit or stylish boot to make your impression? But, what about your wallet - the important accessory every man should have? Do you carry loose currency directly in your pocket than a wallet?
23 Jan 2018 08:48
For the elder generation, it becomes even more puzzling to find an ideal dressing style that perfectly goes with their body structure. By fifty, it doesn't mean you are too old. In fact, it's a good time to shift from the fashion of middle age to a fully grown gentleman.
23 Jan 2018 08:08
Choosing the right fabric is a very important part of choosing a suit. It can be complicated too. It is important to appreciate the fact that the suits are a symbol of great sophistication and they provide men with the chance to show off the style that they love at a personal level. It is not about the superior fit, but the luxurious touch as well. The material is also very important.
18 Jan 2018 10:20
Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed when trying to choose which pearl jewelry to buy online? There are so many questions. What is the difference between type A and type B? Why is the one more expensive than the other?
18 Jan 2018 10:17
Alexis opened her eyes slightly, making slits against the morning sunlight streaming in through the double door leading to the garden. Then she shut them again.
15 Jan 2018 09:34
What does come to your mind when you hear about the term real fur stole? Since times gone by, fur stole has been a symbol of comfort, privilege, and pride.
15 Jan 2018 09:26
Thinking of buying a new dress for the upcoming occasion? This time give your wardrobe a twist by adding a new skater dress or a two-piece outfit in the space. Every body type is beautiful and nothing can make you look more adorable in your body type than a skater or a two-piece outfit.
13 Jan 2018 09:25
Before you get to pick the correct bracelet, it is nice to know the history of the material. This allows you to get a deeper insight and you can make a wise decision. There are some things that you need to consider before you make the purchase. You should understand what leather is and the sources of leather. Leather is a material that is durable, and very flexible. It is created from raw skin and hides of animals which is tanned. There are some people who assume that leather only comes from cattle hide. This is true to some extent, but there are many types of leather. It can be created from deer, bears, alligators, and even pigs. Cowhide leather is one of the most popular forms of leather in the world today.
10 Jan 2018 11:26
Wood watches are called green watches. Here 5 reasons are narrated to explain if it is justified to brand wood watches as green products.
10 Jan 2018 09:44
Urban clothing first started to appear in the early 1980s to reflect the hip-hop culture that was emerging at the time. In a similar manner to the music itself, the fashions and clothing have changed, matured and evolved over the years into what we know see worn all around the world.
7 Jan 2018 18:36
Wow, you've made up your mind! You are madly in love with the significant lady in your life and you have decided to pop the question. Good for you! Reaching this level has kept you awake at night I bet. It is not an easy one to make as this move will possibly determine what your life will be like for the rest of your years. Now, do you buy that pearl engagement ring she coyly mentioned she likes or not?
6 Jan 2018 09:00
If you are a woman, your wardrobe can't be complete without a beautiful jacket that suits your style. Nowadays, you can look for the right jacket without any problem as they come in many styles, colors, and sizes. Given below are a few tips to help shop for one more easily.
4 Jan 2018 15:21
How to dress like Star-Lord and look like Star-Lord himself? Below is the guide for making your Star-Lord Costume.
2 Jan 2018 11:40
When it comes to shopping for chef uniforms a chef wants certain fabrics depending on the conditions he or she is working in. Searching for a specialised chef uniform company designing uniforms for chef by chefs the author provides some insight into the chef uniform industry.
2 Jan 2018 11:18
Out of every other piece of clothing meant for women, dresses are certainly the easiest option to choose and the most versatile. You never have to match them with a pair of bottom-wear.
2 Jan 2018 11:10
Before the current trends of casual dressing came into the streets, there was a whole era of dressing up sophisticatedly. And that style still works with some of its vintage styles that are still on the trending list. And one of such vintage style is lace outfit.
2 Jan 2018 10:46
Before buying a watch, you always check many things about it. One of the main things is that if the watch is popular among everyone or not. Secondly, whether the watch is good or not. And thirdly, the price of that particular watch.
29 Dec 2017 14:30
Some chef wear brands offer cheaper prices. There are a number of reasons why such differences exist between chef uniforms online.
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